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    Tried some of the common solutions, like installing as Administrator while logged in as the Administrator account, adding the account to permissions list for registry groups, running tool to remove Office completely, deleting office folder from task scheduler, etc...

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    Windows 7: Office 2010 install failed, rolling back after reaching 100%

    This MS website might help you. You don't need to install Office x64 because you are using Windows 7 x64. In fact MS recommend installing the 32 bit version of Office, unless you are running very large spreadsheets or huge databases. I use Office 2013 Pro 32 bit on my Windows 7 x64 computer.

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    I tried the 32 bit version and got the same error. All other installers I've seen simply overwrite information when used a second time.

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    I was hoping that posting here with error details would get me a more concrete answer. I already wasted over 10 hours on this thing trying different ways to get it to work and I really don't want to tear apart the registry to do it since, at that point, it becomes far easier to just reinstall Windows 7. Easier still is using LibreOffice, but I got used to the MSO interface and that's why I wanted to keep it.

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    Have you checked out these MS websites & tried them. There are links in the second one that you might need to check as well.

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    The Windows error 1603 occurs when the user makes an attempt at installing the Microsoft Windows Installer package. The error message appears when the folder to which the user is attempting to install the said application is encrypted and when the drive containing the directory that the user is attempting to install the application to is used as the substitute drive. This issue also occurs when the SYSTEM account does not have the Full Control permissions for the directory where the Windows Installer package is being installed in. The error message is displayed because the service for the Windows Installer employs the SYSTEM account in the installation of software.

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    I gave up and reinstalled Windows 7. Now office installed fine.

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