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    The problem is often times we don't find out about the problems until years later. Think about Symantec PC Anywhere where the source code had been stolen many years ago and only came to light this year. Sure in open source it is easier but many products are still closed source and as such they don't openly disclose issues. With the internet it is harder to hide issues like this but not impossible as we have seen.

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    Samsung s-5 galaxy new. questions about security setup

    I discovered it accidentally but , I say what the hell I will try it and it is amazing. For my surprise, and no kidding, superior to Opera on every aspect (and I love Opera).

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    XMarks is just awesome for bookmarks sync, I have been using it for years now on Firefox. However, on mobile, am not bothered with syncing(yet). Just wanted to know about good browsers.

    Thanks for the various suggestions, I have now many to try out . Now, I just need to get internet on my phone

    Ah yes, UC Web, it was quite a popular browser for mobiles since before. Its now available for Android too? Great. Thanks for that suggestion.

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    And sadly chrome is just for ics , i used it for a few hours and it just blew every other browser out of the water !

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    Updating this discussion too... been a long time.

    Have tried a few browsers, not all though.

    I don't use Google Chrome on PC, and won't use on Android either. Although it does seem good from whatever I have used it on tablets of others.

    Did try Dolphin Browser for a bit, but did not like it much, although it's good. There's also that privacy issue which I wrote about in the first post, but I think that's not an issue now. It's a hugely popular browser, but not for me.

    I didn't like Opera Mini too. Too minimalistic IMO.

    I came across Boat Browser, which I found great, and had kept it for a long time on my phone, until recently. It has now got ridden with ads, and also used to hang randomly on my phone. If anyone can tolerate the ads, then it's a good choice. Surprisingly, it's not very well known, considering it's quite good.

    I was looking for another browser, and came across UC Web Browser, and Skyfire, but didn't feel like installing them, looking at their ratings and some reviews. Maybe will try them sometime.

    I searched the web for best free browsers for Android, because sometimes, you can come across some good apps, which are not popular. I came across Next Browser, which I tried and found it to be quite good. It has got ads too, but not as much as Boat Browser. Feels pleasant to use. So will stick this for now.

    From other thread, trainman suggested Firefox. I had tried Firefox earlier when it was relatively new, and at that time, found it to be quite bad. Maybe it was in development phase, that's why. I had not used it after that. Tried it recently again, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that it has improved a lot, and feels great to use it. Would have installed on my phone, but it's download size it large, and also the RAM it uses. Haven't compared RAM usage as such though, but 30 MB is much for my phone. Worked great on a tablet though. Will definitely recommend it.

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