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    I am not that big on PC gaming. I play casually on my 360, but I really like the city building game Cities:Skylines. I have a Macbook Air 13" (1.7 Ghz i5, 4GB)
    Will it play comfortably?

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    I think you have a mid-2011 MBA which means your Graphics card is an Intel HD3000. Official specs say Intel graphics are not supported. That said…

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    Is my laptop OKAY to run "Cities: Skylines" ?

    The guy with an HD6000 an i7 says it works great for him, but his computer is much faster than yours all around. Another guy with an HD4000 (better than yours) and i5 says it’s pretty choppy.

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    Well i downloaded ac2 from steam and it was working perfectly fine up intill I got to 20% game completion. Now every time I go into the game it just lags really bad I can still play and move around but its really difficult. all my drivers are updated and I have 4 or 5 other games on my computer and they all work fine except ac2. can someone please help me out. im using a windows 7, zt systems with amd a6-3650 apu with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.60GHz, 8.00 GB ram 64 bit operating system.

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    Search for AC2 lag or something like that online, and make sure your computer matches the minimum spec. I’m guessing it does, since its a pretty easy to run game but you never know. Try searching around online for issues with the game, especially on steam. To post on steam just right clikc the game, go to community hub and then submit a new post and explain your problem in detail, like where you are in the game, what’s happening both in the actual events of the game and the kind of lag you’re having and post your full specs. If you’re not sure what your full specs are, hit your start button and type in dxdiag. Run the dxdiag program and it will tell you all of your hardware under there with the model series names.

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