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    I've been playing War Thunder on the PS4 since it's release in the EU Store and just recently, along with the release of ground forces, they added the cross-platform with PC.
    I think this idea was horrid. PC keyboard and mouse have a HUGE, I mean HUGEEEE!!, advantage over PS4 controllers precision and stability. I see players moving around so smoothly while leading and taking down a target, while PS4 players are missing and having a hard time taking others down.... and then those players come in and snatch your kill.. Bye bye 60 bucks controller. Hello wall.

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    What are your thoughts on PC & PS4 cross-platform gameplay?

    You could always hook up a keyboard and mouse to the PS4 to play. Also think the Ps4 version supports joysticks

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    It is possible, Ps4 allows devs to add it as a option same as the PS3 just few games ever use it. War thunder being one of the few if only one that currently supports it for PS4. Only a hand full of games for the PS3 ever supported it and the only one I used it on was Unreal tournament.

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    In 2007 Microsoft release Shadowrun for the Xbox 360. It was one the first of its kind. It allowed cross-platform play between PC players and console players. During development, FASA Interactive realized that PC players had a huge advantage. In order to decrease the disparity, they introduced artificial limitations in the controls for PC players and they added auto-aiming features for console players. After release, the consensus was that PC players still had a large advantage and the game quickly became forgotten.

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    If you’re talking symmetrical PvP, it’s a terrible idea.
    PvE is definitely doable and assymetrical PvP is at least possible.

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