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    Hey guys,
    I'm a university student, so I'm not exactly well off, and I spend a lot of time in hotels and public transportation for work.
    At home, I don't really think of gaming, because I have my guitar and piano, but on the road I'd love to have a little entertainment outside of books.
    I have no other console and live in a country without nextflix, but here's a collection of games I liked, regardless of their platform
    - Zelda (Link to the Past, Minish Cap, Link's Awakening, Windwaker)
    - Metroid, Castlevania
    - Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario (SNES)
    - Secret of Mana

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    Portable Gaming?

    Which consoles are out there? The ones I know of are:
    3DS XL
    + great exclusives
    - low res, expensive games, can't watch films on it
    PS Vita:
    + great hardware, beautiful screen
    - I'm not aware of a single exclusive title that would fit my taste. Can you think of any?

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    Nvidia Shield:
    + Android, could play SNES emulator, could see films on it
    - expensive, super awkward hardware
    What would you recommend?

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    Actually the Nvidia Shield is around the same price as the Vita. I also think the Shield has a leg up.on the Vita on potential. From games like Half Life 2 to Portal to simulators for games from N64 to PSP, to a great number of Shield compatible games on the Play Store like GTA Sans Andreas and Riptide GP2, there are a good number of games to play.
    And, I think another thing the Shield has over consoles is that Vita games can go $40+ new. Shield games cost from Free to $10, which is much more cost friendly for a college student.

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    I am not sure if it will attend your needs as the specs weren’t revealed but it may be worth of waiting.
    Regarding the Vita and the 3DS, I have experience with both but I currently owns none. The 3DS is a better machine, as it is more portable and have a better library. In the other hand, the Vita is a more sophisticated machine and it is a cool accessory if you have a PS4. Another advantage of the Vita is the Plus program that basically allows you to play several top games for a $50 fee per year. If you don’t want to carry a console in the pocket and are satisfied by the Vita inferior library, it might be a good choice. Personally, I think the time for a dedicated portable console is over but, as always, it is your personal decision.

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