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    Zelda: Female Link...Pathetic.

    Are you kidding me? This is a extremely lazy attempt at diversity. Hell, they didn't even give her an original name. Linkle...seriously?!
    Between this and the female Thor...I don't know what to say.
    Why in the hell aren't these companies investing in original female characters?

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    It isn’t an attempt at diversity. Linkle was based off an earlier, aborted character design for a female Link that someone clearly thought would be fun to put into the game now. That’s it. That’s why she looks like Link and has almost the same name.
    If anything, it’s a concession that the Legend of Zelda has a shallow pool of memorable secondary characters to fill the roster. …And yet still no Linebeck.

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    Glad they aborted if. Sad that they un-aborted this idea.
    There was a good reason they left this character by the roadside. It should be still been therre

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    The Zelda series has tons of original female characters already. There’s probably more female than male characters in the history of the franchise, but there’s never been a female version of the hero before, which is a nice option to provide. I really don’t see what the issue is.

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    I think if they develop the character well in this game and potentially others then there will be no harm/foul. If they don’t then this will be seen by many (possibly correctly) as a lazy effort to boost attention by diversifying for no purpose. A female hero is good, as long as it’s not just a token gesture.

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