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    Experiences with COD Black Ops III

    Hello my fellow gamers,
    I have been waiting to see a few posts about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III around but haven't found one yet. What do you think about the new additions to the multiplayer (wall running, specialists, scorestreaks are some good examples), co-op campaign, etc. I honestly think this is what Advanced Warfare should have been all along with movement being pretty smooth and honestly believe that keeping people on the ground for longer periods of time is a good thing, but is it enough to keep people excited and coming back to the franchise? Do you think there is still something missing that the competition have already included in their games?
    Please share your thoughts about the overall experience down below!

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    If you haven’t played Advanced Warfare then it will be a fun improvement over previous installments. For some uncontrollable reason I buy the new CoD each year and play it for only a handful of weeks but BLOPS 3 has me playing more than usual.

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    The new Specialists are a neat feature but not unbalanced. Each one has their own unique offensive and defensive special ability which can only be used a finite amount of times depending on your teams and your own individual performance.

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    Perhaps it’s me outgrowing the genre in general but I find it rather difficult to rack up kill streaks now. Thank god the care package is still a thing.
    Overall it’s a very fun game and knowing CoD releases I doubt it will go on sale for quite some time and even if it does it’d only be $10-$20 off. Pick it up if you have a Xbox One, PS4 or PC because the 360 and PS3 versions do not have the campaign but sells for $49.99 instead of the current-gen $59.99.

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    Get it for PS4 or Xbox One. It’s way better optimized, doesn’t look like trash (unlike the last gen systems), and if you haven’t played AW, feels pretty fun.

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