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    Do a lot of people that own ps4 and Xb1 prefer xb1? I've been on a lot of forums and that what I see a lot.
    Is Xbox live more worldwide recognised than psn?
    Which console brand will be better next gen?

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    Future console gens

    With no idea what each company will show this is all just complete speculation at this point. I think it will depend on price mainly. Ps3 failed because of price. Xbox One Failed on price.
    I have a feeling they will have the same price next time around and also VR as standard.

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    I wasn’t ignoring those points at all, they’re just the details behind how poorly Sony did in that generation (i.e. they went from the best selling home console of all time to one that sold ~1/3 as many while giving their competition the breathing room to more than triple the sales of its previous generation).
    I’m not saying the PS3 bombed like the 3DO, Dreamcast, or Wii U did, it was a solid console (I owned two of them and absolutely loved them), but the PS3 can’t be construed as a success for Sony like the PS1, PS2, and PS4 all are, especially when coming after the absolutely massive success of the PS2.

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    Also they will stop trying with cameras in your living room. If I want to Skype with someone I’ll use my phone.
    And I have a feeling VR will fall victim the same way. Strong novelty at first but eventually, no one will care, and will be angry when they are forced goggles in the console bundle they never wanted.

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    There’s no reason the PS3 shouldn’t have done as well as the PS2. Sony "failed" by making the console too expensive, making the console hard to code for, having a rudimentary online service, and not fighting for exclusives, which were all mistakes the 360 capitalized on. Sony fixed all of those problems with the PS3 over time (price came down, they mentored devs, PSN was vastly improved, and they got great exclusives) and eventually caught up to the 360 in sales, but if Sony hadn’t screwed up initially the PS3 would likely have sold significantly better (possibly as well as the PS2/PS4). I consider that a failure.

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