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    Hi Everyone!
    I was just going to buy Xbox One S (budget won't permit X) and I realized that it's controller runs on AA Batteries. I was expecting it to be rechargeable via USB. How do you keep it charged?
    Also, would love to know about any good deals on Xbox One S going on in US right now that you know of?

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    How do you guys keep Xbox One S controller charged?

    EBL high density rechargable AAs off amazon.

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    I use Microsoft’s charge and play kit that I got along with the Xbox one on launch day.
    I’m happy with the battery life and it still holds a charge fine. Plus it comes with a nice usb cable, it has a little light at the micro-usb side that lights on when its charging and its long enough (2.5+m) that allows to use the controller "wired" while it charges.

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    For some people it’s working great, for some it looses charge way too quickly. I usually play just at the weekends. I’m so conflicted lol. Charge and Play batteries seem to the most convenient.
    Could you please give me some more info about your usage and how long those hold the charge?

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    Well it depends on how you look at it. It’s not a con in that if it quits working completely, you can’t just run to any store and get another. AAs are everywhere so you always have a place to get spares.
    I use AAs in my main PC controller. I have a bunch of rechargeable AAs around ready to be swapped in. I prefer them to the Xbox rechargeable batteries.

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    Also AAs are in all sorts of other devices like remote controls and camera flashes
    I have about a dozen Eneloops and keep four spare at all times (they’re great because they hold their charge for ages)

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