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    Nintendo Switch: How would you improve it?

    So, you have a Switch. You purchased it knowing it's flaws, but love it regardless.
    Yet, everything has room for improvement. Let's hear your thoughts on how you would like to see the Switch improve from a software or hardware prespective.

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    I couldn’t agree more. It would solve the problem of the Switch tax if we didn’t have to worry about storage.

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    Oh god, 100% this. I love gaming on my Switch, but I hate knowing that my progress isn’t ‘safe’. It’s always at the back of my mind.

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    Screen toughness. I got lucky with a Switch without any real QC issues but nothing can save the screen from the micro scratches you get just from taking it in and out of the dock. It’s pretty minor and difficult to tell that they’re there so it hasn’t really spoiled anything for me, but it definitely sucked the first time I noticed they were there. Cloud storage and a better kickstand are pretty obvious improvements too but really other than that I’m quite happy with the final product.

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    So far, save for BotW, I’ve bought everything digitally so I would’ve loved a 128GB model, but at least it supports some pretty big micro SD cards. I have a 64GB one currently and I can already tell at some point I’ll end up buying a 256GB one. I blame my short sightedness and the amount of good games on the Switch.

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