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    A conversation with Alienware...

    Some of you may know I'm not the biggest fan of Alienware, I did an entire post on it, actually, so I thought it would be fun to share a real conversation I had with them. I don't really have any proof it's real, so you'll have to take my word for it though, which I know will frustrate those of you who disagree with me concerning the pricing of Alienware's prices. Anyway, here it is, enjoy... (Yes, the typos are from the actual conversation, this is copy-pasted)

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    You may want to check the Alienware Aurora series wavilable with more pwerful specs to run get 60PFS and higher on Ultra setting. Well some customers are getting that as they prefer small system that can handle casual gaming. For me, it's not recommended if you're in to high end gaming that prefers to run games like Witcher 3 on Ultra setting. That's also the reason we have other Alienware computers which are athe Aurora and the Area 51.

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    Yeah I think it;s a good deal. It comes with powerful specs to run your games smoothly. It's an Alienware I mean.. Alienware products re designed for gaming not to mention we have the best Alienware support to assist incase you encounter some issues with your system. It also has a room for upgrades incase you'll be needing more power in the future. We can check promotions applicable for this configuration you were looking at . Shall we proceed?

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    No, I think you're full of it, a PC this price should have a 1080-1080ti and an i7-7700k. It only has 128GB of storage for God's sake! You're full of it, this company is terrible and has no morals, we shall not be proceeding, I will never proceed with this company and their anti-consumer business praciteces

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    I trully understand your take about the pricing of Alienware products. Rest assured I'll forward this to one of the managers so they check everything that they can do price wise. We may offer some promotions in the future but for now, what prices you see online are the regular prices we offer. Thank you for your time chatting in and for showing interest to the Alienware series but would there be anything else for today?

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