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    An eight-year-old reviews the Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I get it's small and they probably can't fit a big graphics card in there, but my point that it is very expensive still stands, and as a side-note, afterwards I didn't give them a bad rating or anything, I gave them the best rating possible because I know they aren't the ones who price these things. Them literally lying to me and saying it's a good deal gave me a bad impression, but it's not really like they have a choice.

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    That’s my point though. They’re probably a part timer with a miserable job of talking to angry people all day. Really no reason for you to get aggressive toward them at the end.

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    Having worked in a customer service type job before, I kinda have to say… please remember that the customer service rep on the other side of the chat is a living human being too, and might’ve been having a rough day just trying to do their job. A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way.

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    So there’s been a bit of criticism saying that what I did was wrong. Firstly the conversation only lasted around 10-15 minutes, secondly, I gave them the highest rating possible because they were a great employee, they had no choice but to lie basically, and I doubt many of their conversations give them a rating that high, even fewer producing a sale.

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