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    Messenger programs that don't let you search for attached files

    For most of the article I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Attraction is a natural, human thing. Just because the author’s boyfriend may be attracted to Emily (I, like many other men also am) doesn’t he has any less affection or love for the author.

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    On the subject of ‘liking’…it’s a weird one. It seems it started on Facebook where someone agreed with the opinion shown in someone’s status. I view it as someone appreciating, agreeing or wanting to see more of what that person has posted. In terms of celebrities, it shows them that’s what their fans/followers want to see more of, so they know what to keep posting.

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    We know why her boyfriend liked the photo, he saw a photo of a butt and he thought it looked good. The end. My issue is her not acknowledging her actual issue and not communicating with her boyfriend. She knows that her boyfriend liking photos of other women makes her uncomfortable so why doesn’t she talk to him about this? Is their communication that poor? Was it necessary to go asking people about their value of what liking a instagram photo means just to avoid confronting what makes her uncomfortable? This is between her and her boyfriend and what she’s comfortable with, yet she somehow doesn’t acknowledge this.

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    I agree with your points here. The article was pointless. I never thought that I would say this after all the changes this site has gone through having followed it since it went live, but man, why does this article even exist? Save me the whole "culture" reporting angle, I enjoy a lot of that content. But this… just reeks of Gawker. And that’s not a good thing.

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    There’s an interesting premise: we realize that celebrity posts are carefully-curated content, often springing from the mind of an anonymous social media manager, yet we’re still eager to gobble them up. Our Likes don’t actually matter to these constructs, so why do we bother? In the context of Facebook or Instagram, what does a Like usually represent? These are valid questions, and they absolutely have a place here.

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    However, I feel that The Verge really failed to build the right kind of framework around this discussion. There’s some interesting stuff here, but trying to convey it in terms of something so banal precludes the possibility of an in-depth look. I hesitate to use the word "petty", but the only people with a real stake in "my boyfriend liked a pic of EmRata’s butt" are Ashley and her boyfriend, and it showed in the others’ responses.

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    Men like ass.
    We click like on ass. THE END.

    Most ridiculous article on the verge ever.

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