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    Why is there no real coverage on today's massive DDoS attack?

    Just wondering why there's no real coverage or conversation on today's massive DDoS attack? Having to scour the other parts of the Internet for news and updates which I would have expected The Verge to automatically and masterfully cover. #wassup

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    I’ve heard that The Verge itself is one of the sites affected. I only see 21 updates today, which seems low for a weekday at 4PM. It’s possible that not everyone who normally writes or edits is able to access the site right now.
    I own a couple of ecommerce sites that are still down. This is a huge problem today that’s still going on. I’m actually losing money.

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    True. I hear you and definitely considered it just may be that. Sorry to hear you’re loosing money, though. I’m sure you’re not alone.

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    All those ‘Scroogled’ ads by Microsoft are really relevant now. Really killing me the way most of my work software is all web based. Our stuff was affected by the DDoS stuff too.

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    Yeah, it’s just awful. Hoping this really spurs meaningful development on the security and IoT front. In the meantime and thankfully The Verge (even though they too are flying through this storm) is beginning to post coverage of this on-going attack.

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    I don’t understand why happens this things.

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