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    Student Council Presidential Poster help!

    Well I am running for Student Council President in my school (1st year) and am a bit stuck on ideas for cool posters. Any ideas or help?

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    Honestly, just don’t do it. It’s not worth your time. All you will do is have bullshit meetings, fill out paper work, and make posters for pep rallys you don’t give a shit about. Not sure whether you are in college or high school, but in any case, spend the time learning a useful skill like coding or do some job shadowing or maybe interning, either way it will look better on your resume or college application. This is coming from a high school valedictorian who spent way too much time involved in stupid clubs to seem well rounded. I regret not using all the free time and time wasted on useless clubs to better my skill set. Seriously, spend the time you would have on being president on getting into amazingly good shape (it’ll be much easier to maintain once you hit college than starting from scratch) and learning a skill.

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    I gave the kid some advice. He can do with it what he will. If he wants to fold flowers and make posters for the bake sale, more power to him. If he’s doing this for same reason as most people thinking it will look good on a college application, there are plenty more things that will look just as good and that will help later in life.

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    A good president delegates. Bullshit meetings can be educational if done right and the rest is busy work for the people you just beat out for the position. Letting other people do your job makes them feel included and free’s up your time to go read a book or learn another language or something. If no one is interested in participating there’s always the option of doing a half assed job and not doing it again next year.

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    That’s optimistic. These are high school students; even corporate CEOs have difficulty doing that. I agree with previous poster. Unless he does something spectacular with his time, it will not help with college admissions unless he spins it creatively.

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    Your poster is your face in smiling profile set against a sunlit meadow with rainbows and trees with money for leafs and there are unicorns that have babies riding them. It will show that you are pro good things.

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