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    How to fix Chrome in ten seconds

    Chrome's my browser of choice — to be honest I'm not 100 percent sure why, but at this point I've been using it forever, and I'm probably not going to switch. The only problem with that strategy is that Chrome is.... well it's the worst. It constantly crashes, it slows down my computer to no end, and it seems like every time I open a new page my MacBook Air's fan spins a little bit louder.

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    I always assumed it was Flash's fault, because I just assume everything is Flash's fault. But I never knew how to fix it, because Flash is baked into Chrome and thus uninstalling it is impossible. Plus, I didn't really want to uninstall it — I still want to watch videos, and I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a Flash-based player here at The Verge. I looked for options like Click-to-Flash but never found anything that worked very well, either, until Twitter fixed everything:

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    I opted to set it to click-to-play (because sometimes I do want Flash), and Chrome instantly became a usable browser again for the first time in, like, eight versions. If you haven't done this, I can't recommend it enough. Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings (under Privacy) and then scroll down to Plug-ins and select Click to Play.

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    You'll need to click on the Flash player every time you want to use it (there's a puzzle-piece icon to click in every place Flash is trying to run), but the tradeoff is a faster, cooler, more stable browser. This is my new favorite pro-tip.

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    Now if they just put full color management into it like Firefox sigh. Yes I’m a broken record but I keep hoping a Chrome dev is reading this and thinks “Man that guy is annoyingly persistent but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if he isn’t right. I’ll get right on that!”

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