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    Google Fibre come to Canada please!

    Google, or google emploies if your read this, which I don't think you are on how much important things you have coming, I love to have Google fibre in Canada and of course all around the world because lets face it Google fibre is amazing service for a very good price, I want in Canada more than anything else because here the Internet is kinda of ripped off by a lot, lets just say the big companies get all the internet while we consumers are stuck with stupid bandwidth cap that goes up to least 100 or more of cap, the crapy part about it is that the "more" part is really expensive, it's really hard to control yourself with the internet, with so little to use, with all this awesome services on the web like netflix, youtube and the list goes on. Service and plans here is so crappy that 8Mbps with 50GB of bandwidth is just 50 dollars and more depending on service provider, and with Google fibre I will be getting way more then anything I ever had in my life. I heard that the USA already have unlimited internet for a cheap price, but the speed is not that fast, I am not sure if that is true, it's a rumour going around here in Canada so please someone correct this rumour.

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    So I am asking the people that feel the same as me to come together and get Google attention to get Google fibre in Canada or anywhere in the world. Canada IPS come with a great cost which is paying for more but for little and I find that so cheap and disgusting and with the launch of Google fibre I know that my last hope for freedom of the Internet. We need this service where ever you are, as long as I know that Google is working on bring it to Canada in a least 5 years my mission is done but right now I am desperate to have Google fibre here in Canada and destroy all those IPS companies and teach them a lesson.

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    Leave any comments on how I can help in any way to make Google fibre grow fast and make it come here in Canada or around the world. I am desperate for a tech guy to have all these bandwidth cap limited while technology is growing so fast. Thank you for reading this hope someone from The Verge will make it as an article or someone from Google reads it. Dreams have to come true some way right?

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    The Conservative Government pretty much opposes the internet and as long as they hold a majority we wont be able to put laws through that will allow us to open up the telecom market. As it stands now a company has to be 60%+ Canadian Owned to even think about becoming a Canadian service provider. Because of this, it is impossible for Google to go to Canada, besides; the only reason they are doing it in the states is because they own a vast supply of dark fibre which Canada simply doesn’t have.

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