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    Could this be a workaround for Apple's design patents?

    I've been following the Apple vs Samsung saga on The Verge (btw the coverage has been terrific) and an idea just came up in my mind about possibly finding a work around for Apple's design patents, particularly the bounce back and the double tap to zoom patents.

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    But first i should tell you that i am not defending the actions of any of the companies involved in the lawsuit.
    I am just a software engineer and i was thinking about how, as a software engineer, could i develop a workaround for these patents.
    I am not arguing that these patents are obvious or stupid or revolutionary enough to merit themselves a patent; i am just trying to find a work around for them.
    Okay, so lets come to the point.
    I look at the bounce back and double tap to zoom as behaviors driven by certain input by the user on documents/web pages that exceed the size of the phone's screen.

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    So i came up with the idea of a software that allows users to define this very behavior when users take certain actions on documents/web pages that are actually larger than the phone's screen size.
    It wont be just a list of behaviors that users can choose for what to do when they scroll beyond the edge of the document or a web page.
    Think of it as Photoshop, but for developing these very behaviors like double tap to zoom and bounce back.
    I mean there are no patents (and hopefully there wont be) for double tap, zooming, scrolling, rubber band effect. A particular implementation of a combination of these is patented.
    So, instead of copying the implementation and putting it on devices, competitors should enable users to develop their own. I think that would be some innovation.

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    If Samsung or any other Android manufacturer had made something like this for their phones so that users can develop their own behaviors right there on their own phones, and then users develop behaviors exactly like Apple's bounce back and double tap to zoom, then I think Apple would not be able to sue them over these patents.
    Maybe Google could integrate such a thing in the Android SDK.
    Sure for most of the users it would be a tedious task to define each and every behavior, but even if someone goes ahead and uses this Behavioral PhotoShop Software to develop such patented behaviors and then export them as a .BPSD(Behavior Photoshop Document) and share with other users, then all of the Android devices would have double tap to zoom and bounce back.

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