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    A lot of companies put together these competitive type analysis documents. I used to work for the company formerly rhyming with Tony Ferricson and I’ve seen a number of these slidedecks circulated. They were interesting nonetheless.

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    Watch this: Copies, remixes, patents and the cell phone industry

    I read the reports and it’s a good description/synopsis for anyone who neglected to visit the trade show. Just read the report and you just saved yourself days of misery.

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    I find it interesting how Apple specifically pointed out the Samsung F700 and the LG Prada next to the iPhone, almost as if to say that they looked extremely similar to the iPhone even though they were in development around the same time as the iPhone.

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    Reading the documents, it just seems like a report about the state of the market and a trade show. Did anyone think that Apple does not analyze what’s going on in the market? How would they even know if someone is ripping them off (among other obvious reasons) if they do not look at what’s out there?

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    this is a joke right? look at the quality of the confidential presentation compared to the other. If I saw a presentation like that in any design firm i’d say it had to be a joke. the use of cheesy stock images and the choice of type…… in steve job’s biograohy, steves last words in the book included these lines: "i think henry ford once said, if id ask customers what they wanted, the would have told me a faster horse! people dont know what they want until you show it to them. thats why i never rely on market research.

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