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    Chrome Book or Surface RT?

    So my MacBook Air just died on me and the cost of replacing everything that is wrong with it is just too much. It's been a fantastic road warrior but now I need to get something to take its place. So I was looking at a Surface RT or a Chrome Book. Budget is small (under 500) and I want to keep it light and fast. My needs have only been word processing and web browsing. Though I am concerned with lack of iTunes on both machines (my ipod shuffle syncs). So I am looking for thoughts about what each platforms advantages and disadvantages are. Also, if anyone has any other alternatives to these 2 options that would be good as well. I should note that I am not in a rush and can wait it out for a month or two if need be. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can’t say I’ve ever owned a Chromebook, but I feel like I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t mention how wildly underrated the Windows Store content is (important since that is the biggest part of the RT experience).
    Surface RT had some extravagant battery life, well thought-out form factor… and moreover: a lot more capability than it’s given credit for. If word processing and web browsing are all you’re in it for, you likely will have fulfilled your needs without even visiting the windows store, so it’s all about weighing how important the form factor, touch screen and ease of use for offline content is for you as opposed to the Chromebook.

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    have you considered one of the Atom powered tablets? performance is better than the Tegra 3 based RT models and if you spend some time on slickdeals you can find some great deals on the Intel powered tablets.
    in a month or two the bay trail tablets ‘might’ be coming out, so that might be something to consider as well.
    I just got a Dell Latitude 10 with 64GB’s of storage and Wacom for 377, if you drop the need for Wacom you can get them as cheap as the mid 200’s. and it has one of the best build qualities i’ve ever felt on a ‘budget’ tablet (like the new N7 and the N10)

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    I’ll take a look into those. I’ve really only seen the Surface in store and I was pretty impressed with the hardware as I tend to be rough on my gadgets.

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    I disagree. For browsing and word processing, both are great and cheap options.
    There are better alternatives, and there are of course much more expensive alternatives. But these two will do just fine.

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