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    Google Chrome Updates

    I'm using Google Chrome but now Google is unable to open websites mostly. I thing its an issue of Chrome updates. How can I stop Google Chrome updates.

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    Chrome has been going hayware for a few years now. Even IE11 renders the general web better than Chrome nowadays.

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    Based on personal experience. I tried 1 month run each on Chrome/IE11/Firefox/Opera on Windows 8.1 back in 2014.
    Chrome was a worse experience than other browsers, rendering wise, though Firefox was the slowest due to it being limited to one or two CPU threads.

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    I’ve had the exact opposite experience – Chrome is definitely the best experience, Edge is the worst. IE is sort of okay as long as you don’t go anywhere with lots of scripts, Firefox has a very slow UI.

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    I tend to agree. IE11 fixed many of the IE sins (not all of them), but the reputation has been damaged and it still retains much of the IE8 corporate bloat, so MSFT has moved on to Edge. I am actually using Edge more than Chrome now. I really don’t use extensions, it’s just as fast, and it looks much more modern than Chrome these days.

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