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    After using Safari with content blockers

    Serious question.
    I tried Chrome today just to see how it works and was totally disheartened by how slow it felt and how much data it was consuming from downloading all the advertising and how cluttered the web was.
    My question is why on earth would anybody choose chrome using an iOS device when you've experienced how unbelievably fast Safari is with content blockers installed ?

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    I use Safari and can’t imagine living without iCloud tabs syncing everything between devices. I imagine some people prefer to use Chrome on the desktop, and stick with Chrome on iOS for that reason.

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    This exactly. Also, I love not having to type in any login details since chrome has them all saved.
    Plus if you jailbreak your iPhone (which should be a sin not to do) you can have adblock on Chrome and get a nice speed boost. There’s a tweak called Nitrous that removes something that apple did to slow down third party browsers.

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    I had to test this for myself because I honestly haven’t used Safari in years. I tried loading,, and on both chrome and safari. I also tried using Chrome first for some and safari first for others, because I’m not sure how caching might affect this. Conclusion, they’re both identical. 3-5 seconds to load most websites on LTE and chrome was actually faster for ESPN go. The only advantage is the safari app launches quicker.

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    On the other hand, chrome has a better UI (in my opinion), better gesture controls, syncs with chrome on my desktop including tab sharing, passwords and bookmarks (this is HUGE), can search for text on a page, is easier to access the "request desktop site" option, among other things. There’s tons of reasons Chrome is superior to Safari.

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    Same here… Chrome on my iPhone, and on my Surface and at work too. It all syncs up beautiful and I actually find it faster on my iPhone. Only frustrating thing atm is not being able to use SwiftKey.
    I was actually using Safari for the past year and only swapped back over to Chrome a few weeks ago. This is because I randomly learnt that you could finally swipe to go backwards! A reason I also pick it over Edge on my Surface, although I must admit the rendering isn’t quite as good.

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