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    First Look at Apple Music for Android

    Source for the German speaking audience.

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    Seriously, what was Google thinking bout when they released that atrocity?
    They might as well revert to the old design which was a million times pleasing than this!

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    I had to test this for myself because I honestly haven’t used Safari in years. I tried loading,, and on both chrome and safari. I also tried using Chrome first for some and safari first for others, because I’m not sure how caching might affect this. Conclusion, they’re both identical. 3-5 seconds to load most websites on LTE and chrome was actually faster for ESPN go. The only advantage is the safari app launches quicker.

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    On the other hand, chrome has a better UI (in my opinion), better gesture controls, syncs with chrome on my desktop including tab sharing, passwords and bookmarks (this is HUGE), can search for text on a page, is easier to access the "request desktop site" option, among other things. There’s tons of reasons Chrome is superior to Safari.

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    Same here… Chrome on my iPhone, and on my Surface and at work too. It all syncs up beautiful and I actually find it faster on my iPhone. Only frustrating thing atm is not being able to use SwiftKey.

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