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    Having Made the Jump to Now-gen

    I've been eyeing the PS4 and Xbox One since well before their official press conferences. Gaming had just gotten, well, stagnant; every bit of power having been squeezed out of now-last-gen hardware meant that games converged on one of a few game types. There was the first-person COD-like, the third-person cover-based shooter, the talking-simulator RPG, and well...that's pretty much it for the AAA space. The few games that diverged from this were iterated until they became similarly stagnant (the Assassin's Creed franchise comes to mind).

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    Fast forward to July of this year, and I found myself with $1,000 after selling my beloved motorcycle. I put this money aside with intentions of buying a PS4 when my friends jumped ship from the 360. Honestly, I was about 90% certain that the PS4 was going to be my choice. The initial policies regarding used games put doubt in my mind about buying an Xbox One, and the fact that the bulk of the marketing was about cable television and sports (two things I could not care less about) didn't help.

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    That said, after a year of steady updates on the Xbox, and not-so steady updates on the PS4, I was torn. One of my friends was dead set on the Xbox One (his brother had already made the jump), and no one seemed vehemently opposed to the idea.

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    Along comes the Xbox One price cut in November. I don't know why $50 makes such a difference. Honestly, I had more than enough money set aside to buy the console even at full-price. I think the real answer is that I didn't feel like the Xbox One was worth as much as the PS4. It is, frankly, inferior hardware. It doesn't make as many "p's" as the PS4 in most cross-platform games. There ended up being a deal at Best Buy for the Assassin's Creed bundle, with a year of Xbox Live for $350. Three of us made the jump that day.

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    Being a little over a month in at this point, I'm super glad I did. I'm not noticing any lack of "p's", though really, I think my enjoyment is less about graphics and more about the fact that we're all playing many more hours of games than we were. Games feel fresh in a way that they didn't before. Titanfall is fantastic. It FEELS next-gen, and now many hours in, it still feels fresh.
    That said, the Xbox One is still REALLY buggy (the PS4 has had similar issues with it's 2.0 software debacle). I feel like it's about a year out from being stable. We still run into issues getting voice chat to work. I've had three or four hard locks in a month of use (typically, when waking the console from sleep). You also cannot send voice messages, a feature I didn't realize that I'd miss so much.

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