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    Favorite Local Multiplayer Games

    What're some of everybody's favorite games to play when buddies are over? I pretty much stopped playing online multiplayer games around September when I ran out of Xbox Live and lately have just been fine playing games whenever my buds swing by. So I was wondering, what games do you enjoy playing with other people, and why?
    Super Smash Bros (any of them) - Mannnn, this is such an easy choice but SSB always gets pulled out when people are over. It's usually the new one on the Wii U but my buddies and I get a kick out of playing any of them, especially the N64 version because of the nostalgia. Lots of egos clash when we play this game, but it's all good fun

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    Actually, extend that post about Super Smash Bros to be about Mario Kart and Mario Party too... I can't wait for Mario Party 10 to play all the new minigames!
    Shrek 2 (Playstation 2) - This ones another Nostalgia trip for me but it's a great co-op adventure game that allows you to play as different characters, all with different strength and attributes. It certainly helps that the Shrek universe is ripe for a video game in terms of it's humor and characters.

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    NFL 2K1 (Dreamcast) - I don't get football. Like, I get how to play it and stuff, but it was never for me. That said, nothing says Friday nights to me like ordering a pizza, wings, and playing some football on the ol' Sega Dreamcast. It's just a good time to be had. This could be said about just about any sports game for me.
    Halo (1-3) - One game I seriously miss playing online is Halo 3... But wouldn't you know it, it's also a great game to play locally! Good thing I still have Griffball downloaded on my 360 :3

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    Just about any beat em' up - I absolutely love Xbox Live Arcade. The Simpsons Arcade, and TMNT Arcade are fantastic games to play with a group of friends. And there's also the matter of when I only have one bud over... Oh the choices... Dusting off the Genesis for Streets Of Rage 2, The Power Rangers Movie, Golden Axe, TMNT The Hyperstone Heist, The Adventures of Batman and Robin...
    I could probably go on even more, but I gotta run to class across campus, lol.
    What're your favorite games to play with friends offline?

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    Ordered by the skill level of the group I’m playing with:

    • Mario Party/Bomberman (There’s a very low skill curve, these games often gets whipped out at large family gatherings where people from 5 to 60 years old might want to play)
    • Kart and Arcade Racers/Star Fox/Mario 3D Land (generally at parties with mixed groups of people but also with my nieces/nephews, almost anyone can pick up the basics within a race/level)
    • Super Smash Bros/Anime Brawlers/Dungeon Crawlers/Most co-op Platformers and Action games(With a group where everyone has some gaming background, I’ve found that people who don’t game at all tend to struggle with these a lot more than Racing games)
    • Halo (Basically anyone that can play a FPS can play Halo well enough for it to be enjoyable, other FPSgames usually aren’t as fun to play in a mixed group)
    • Fighting Games (Tons of fun, but everyone needs to be extremely familiar with the game for it to work, "simple" modes in MvC3 and BlazBlue are god sends for parties and make the games about as accessible as Smash/Anime brawlers)

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