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    Best console equivalent gaming PC?

    As in what's the best computer you guys know of that's small, discrete, quiet(ish), and would work well plugged into my TV?
    Key criteria:

    • 4K support, and enough power for games running at 4K to actually look good.
    • Blu-Ray drive for watching movies. I want to be able to use it for everything I show on my TV.
    • Not crazy expensive. It can be a little pricey, just not $3000-Mac-Pro pricey.
    • Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, HDMI out, SSD. You know, standard new computer stuff.
    • It has to be able to fit in a 12x12x12 box with enough room to keep itself cool.

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    Bonus points:

    • Not boring. If the best I can do is a rectangle, then I'll accept that, but I'd love something with a more interesting design to be able to show off to people.

    Hopefully one of you knows of something that will fit within my super specific restrictions!

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    "small, discrete, quiet(ish)"
    "4K support, and enough power for games running at 4K to actually look good."
    Yeeeah, that’s not gonna happen. Google "970 SLI". There was a recent test for 4k, and they do manage to crank the settings up at 4k, but there is still a title or two that averages below 30fps. And that’s two video cards. Anything, but small or discrete. Maybe next year?

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    4K and not expensive? That’s an oxymoron at the moment. Like rxzlmn and Dolan Duk both said, you’re going to either need to increase budget to afford 4K, or just focus on 1080p.
    That being said, there’s not really any specific PC I would buy for this setup, but rather I’d build one myself. You want a gaming PC with the format of a Home Theater PC (HTPC). Here are some handy links about building PCs in general (its awesome and worth the effort 110%), HTPCs, and gaming PCs specifcally as well. All the links are courtesy of Lifehacker. They have great articles for people just starting out on building, and if you need more specific or advanced suggestions, check out Steam Forums or Tom’s Hardware, you can find great stuff there too.

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    "Currently to use more than even 4GB, you have to have a ton of programs and browser tabs open, be editing video or large audio or image files, or be using some other specialized data processing app." – Logical Increments
    Hahaha, no.

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