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    Has Nintendo Lost the War?

    Nintendo has had a long standing reputation for gaming. They have a huge fan base of almost cult-like gamers who have been with them since the beginning but Nintendo’s winning streak might finally be coming to a close.
    Nintendo has had huge success with previous consoles including the Nintendo 64, the Gameboy, and several other consoles throughout the years but they hit a high point with the Wii most recently which sold 435,000 units the first month; selling out

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    Often overshadowed by the competition, Nintendo isn't exactly known for hardcore gaming, but it held up against the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But as time went on new big named titles were becoming more difficult to find on the Wii while developers were pumping out new games for other consoles. Hoping to relive the glory of there first sell, Nintendo developed the Wii U which has received very little hype from the public. After a disastrous announcement not even gaming editors were excited. No new games seem to be coming down the pipeline other than the traditional remakes of Nintendo characters and the extra equipment is more of a hindrance than an improvement.

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    A new report shows that only 57,000 Wii U’s were sold the first month. It's got me wondering if Nintendo still has what it takes to stay in the gaming industry or if they will soon be packing their bags. The resent announcement of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have me questioning what the incentive is to buy a another Nintendo console with nothing new to offer. Nostalgia isn't doing it for me anymore.

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    Comes down to personal taste.
    I can`t stand Mario, Zelda or any Nintendo game for that matter either but a lot of people love them and thats just fine.

    Just don`t assume that anyone who doesn`t like them has no taste in games or anything like that. Similarly “hardcore” gamer who say that Nintendo players arenīt “real” gamers should shut the hell up as well…

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    The Wii and NES are pretty much the only home-consoles Nintendo have dominated with. People seem to have the perception that Nintendo has always dominated the console market, since the Wii took the world by storm and the DS became the best selling console of all time. That isn’t true at all. The n64 sold 40m, and the Gamecube sold half that – nothing compared to the PS2’s 150m and even Nintendo’s own NES (60m).
    The Wii U is doing pretty abysmally, but then again, so did the 3DS, and now that’s one of the fastest selling consoles.

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    Nintendo’s big problem though, is that their strength—casual gamers—have went to smart phones, leaving them with only their hardcore fanbase left. Unfortunately I think Nintendo is doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They’ve publicly claimed that they’re trying to boost sales by pumping out more first-party titles, and then focus on third-party support, which is silly. The only people this will motivate to buy a WiiU are people who probably already own one. With the Xbox 360 and PS3, I can be sure that new games come out every other week that I’d be interested in playing. With Nintendo, it’s always another Mario or DK side-scroller. I mean, would it kill them to try and create either more IP’s or get exclusive deals with third-party developers?
    Further adding to Nintendo’s woes, is the timing of the release. The WiiU is current generation tech, released at a time when the current generation is coming to an end. Many big developers are not even making games for the WiiU because the console simply can’t handle next gen games. For example, the WiiU can’t run the Frostbite 3 engine, which EA is beginning to use for its games.

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