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    Polygon REALLY needs a normal discussion podcast. They don't have to do one every single week, but when bigger games events and news hits, a normal discussion format for a podcast would serve them much better than their besties show.

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    After seeing Chris Grant on the vergecast, I realized something

    It is the most addictive game you will ever play. You will be sitting in your house like one of the falmour when it’s done with you. Just takes a little time to sit in, discovering your first dragon should start the process of addiction

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    I was addicted to Skyrim for a while. Skyrim is much more easy to get into than Oblivion. With Skyrim, Bethesda did a great job of building a world that people would WANT to explore. Exploring in Oblivion was not as enjoyable. I’ve put in 100 hours, and there are still places for me to explore and things to do.

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