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    Xbox one for non rpg users

    I think if you don't play rpg's like me. You should be good. I won't get the system the first day it comes out i will wait a while. I usually only buy sport games and I will get GTA if it's on there. Otherwise i'll wait for the console to be cheaper and then get it

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    Without going into specifics, consoles from Japanese companies such as Nintendo and Sony (or basically just consoles that do well on the Japanese market) have a higher number of JRPG exclusives. I guess that’s what he meant. Xbox of course has had its share of exclusive RPGs too, but those are mostly ‘Western RPGs’, like The Witcher 2, the first Mass Effect (until last year) and arguably the Fable series (not sure if I’m allowed to call that an RPG). And for the record: most of those have been released on PC as well.

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    CMIIW, but he says he is going to get the XBO, not the PS4 (he actually doesn’t mention the PS4 at all) and ‘is going to be good’ even if the Xbox brand traditionally is lacking in the JRPG department (at least, that’s what I think he means) because he is not an RPG player.

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    Just so that everyone knows, Xbox One is getting a lot of what USED to be Playstation JRPG exclusives. Metal Gear Solid 5, Final Fantasy XXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, GTA 5 etc, will all be coming to the Xbox One as well.

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    Except none of those really are playstation exclusive series to begin with. An argument can be made for Kingdom Hearts because the original and the numbered sequel were PS2 exclusives and all other games were for handhelds, but Final Fantasy, GTA and Metal Gear never really were PS exclusives.

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