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    What's your 'go-to' gaming website?

    Giant Bomb, full stop. I guess it depends what you want, but for personality-driven media (podcasts and videos), they’re easily my favorite, to the point where I actively subscribe to them just to support them (and access certain series).
    I still use Polygon for basic news coverage (since Giant Bomb isn’t really about that), and I occasionally visit Waypoint because I love those folks (again, mostly for podcasts and videos), but the only ones in my RSS feed are Polygon and Giant Bomb.

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    Today I discovered Giant Bomb. Thank you!

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    I usually like their stuff when I read it, but the Giant Bomb homepage is just so busy. It’s kind of blinding, and thus it’s never hit my rotation.

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    Yeah, I get that. They’re working on a redesign, so I’m curious how that will look.

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