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    I'm looking for a cinematic-type lens for my Sony a6300

    You’ll be hard pressed to find something with both shallower depth of field and wider angle simultaneously. In any case, Sigma 16mm and 30mm F/1.4 lenses look like pretty nice lenses for the money and seem to have about as shallow DoF as you’ll find for the money
    Sony’s full-frame E-mount 28mm F/2.0 could be worth a look too

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    I have an a6300 too, and spent a long time researching 50mm equivalent lens, and eventually went with the Sony 35mm 1.8 .
    I’ve been happy with the results so far, and the built in optical image stabilisation makes a difference when comparing it to other lenses. If you’d got the 6500 then perhaps the Sigma would be a better option as the camera has in body stabilisation.
    Great for portraiture but you may want something wider by the sounds of things.

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    This is the correct answer.
    The 35/1.8 OSS is really the best, most versatile prime for an A6300 in the E-mount system. And by far the best bang-for-buck.
    The optical image stabilization on the 35/1.8 will often outweigh the 2/3 stop advantage of the Sigma 30/1.4, and the smaller physical size and weight is much better matched to the A6300.

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    This is a great option, you could look into the 20mm 2.8 Pancake lens as well

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