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    Another big advantage of PC gaming saves the day for me.

    I haven’t encountered many games where I’ve gotten stuck to the point of near abandoning it.
    I play on Xbox though and while it’s true that we can’t cheat by installing mods or whatever, we can still look up walkthroughs just the same. What I usually do is start playing a game at a high level of difficulty, turning off assists and HUD elements. And then as I progress, if the game gets too hard for me to enjoy, I can gradually turn them back on, but usually by that time I’ve gotten good enough at that specific game that I don’t need to anymore.

    I’m curious in which games you’ve gotten stuck to the point of needing to use cheats to go forward?

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    Recently AC:Black Flag. Now I know it’s not actually a recent game but I only played it now. The naval battles just started feeling stupidly tough and I really could not be bothered to study all the upgrades available and "plan" my ship for battle. Building a ship is really not what I wanna do in an AC game. There is no difficulty setting in this game.
    Previous to that it was Metro: Last Night whose lowest difficulty still had some really tough battles that got annoying real fast.

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    Metro on easy was tough? Come on man

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