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    Where are the wireless laptops?

    Yup, been waiting for this for years. Considered that Dell briefly.
    Apple should do this since nobody else will. But they don’t even have wireless charging on their tablets so they probably won’t.

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    Latitude 7285. Personally I think the wireless charging keyboard is the least interesting part of it, but if you really want it it’s out there

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    I kinda want it to go mainstream so wireless charging points in cafes and libraries become standard. It’s going to take a big hitter like Apple to make that happen – and even then, they’ll need to include it across their entire range for it to take off. Niche products just aren’t going to create enough waves.

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    But that’s not going to happen unless the devices exist to use on them first. The Latitude may only be a niche product, but at least it’s a real world example of a wireless charging laptop that might be the start of something.

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