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    Ideal laptop port selection?

    My work laptop has
    2x USB A
    1x USB C
    1x DisplayPort
    1x VGA
    1x Ethernet
    1x SD card reader
    1x Power (proprietary)
    1x Dock port

    I could stand to lose VGA, but wouldn’t want to give up anything else, especially the real dock – USB C docks are much less convenient when you’re coming and going a lot. Perhaps more importantly built in WWAN is a must – I just don’t see why it isn’t more common on high end consumer models

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    Because it’s not a common want for most consumers. For myself getting a laptop connected with a built in LTE radio would cost extra each month, compared to free hotspot on my phone. Pretty much a no-brainer to just use the hotspot. Plus my laptops are connected to wi-fi like 99.99999% of the time anyway.
    In addition the radio and antenna add about $100+ cost to the laptop on the models that offer it.
    If it was no added cost to the laptop, and no extra cost per month to my cellular, then it’d be a win-win.

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    Tethering is just so clunky compared to a built in solution though so for me it’s well worth the extra $5 or whatever it costs to add an additional SIM

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