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    My Macbook stopped working for a while during my youtube session!

    I am kinda new to the verge forums.
    Does Nilay Patel do this slanted reporting all the time or was it that this specific Surface article is an exception?

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    Not just Nilay patel, this whole website is built on such reporting. see their sister site VOX for another example. This is a byproduct of the 21st century online media- you NEED baity headlines to attract readers!

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    This website openly admitted to an Apple bias, if that helps with anything.
    I am waiting for the commenter that will point out this has nothing to do with Apple. Just giving you heads up, since you are new here.

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    This has nothing to do with Apple.
    Thanks for not disappointing .
    By the way, would you happen to be Yoruba, going by your username?

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