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    The Age Old Battle Cry for Net Neutrality

    Best forum post of the year, IMHO. Clear, researched and respectful even of those who disagree.

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    I totally agree, this is a great post… and a thoroughly important one.
    USA, you do seem to get worse and worse — do not dare to try and destroy Net Neutrality.

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    Perhaps, but remember it’s the rate of growth that is trending downward. And that rate of growth curve sure seems like it can be smoothed to look a lot like the curve that is the rate of "internet traffic growth."
    I don’t want to be that guy, especially since my impression is that net neutrality must be defended. But I’m not sure this particular statistical model supports net neutrality, given that both here are on a similar downward trend since 1998…way before significant changes in service models by consumer ISP’s.

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