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    Who, What and Where of Crime: Piracy

    Good. We don’t need more laws pushing even more power into the hands of rightsholders. Get back to me when works start entering the public domain again (though even then I might be unsympathetic.)
    ISPs should be common carriers, and not permitted to look at the contents of any transmission, rather than turned into extralegal deputies of the media companies.
    Oh give me a fucking break.
    We are taught as children that sharing as good. Of course, now it’s bad.

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    This sentence, above all of the rest of your dribble is what got me as making no sense at all.
    - Why should we respect each other? While I recognize it as a rhetorical statement, it’s not a good way to frame yourself.
    -And copyright is a “legal fiction”? First of all, you don’t know the definition of a “legal fiction,” clearly. Second, it dates back to the advent of the printing press, and had been adopted by the majority of the civilized world before major media companies ever existed. Clearly, it’s less of a fiction and more like a cultural norm.
    -Respect for individuals? Companies exist to make money, not show respect for their customers as individuals. Those companies that show enough respect live on, while those that don’t are out-competed.

    |Finally, a piece of advice: You can disagree with someone without degrading yourself and them at the same time. Try it. If the anti-copyright folks had more cool-headed, literate and calm advocates, they might come across as more than a bunch of self entitled weenies, and public opinion might actually care about their point of view.

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    I had to write a paper on the topic for a class and I posted for some feedback. Clearly some revision is needed.

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    No, you need to learn to differentiate opinion from fact.
    The person above clearly has no problem with taking other people’s property and trying to justify it.
    He is entitled to his opinion but it is not the opinion of the majority and it is not the opinion of those who make the laws.

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