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    How Social Media Is Changing

    People in my circles certainly seem to be using social media less and less. I think people are finally starting to realise that the whole concept of social media sucks up vast amounts of time for very little benefit. I find social media vacuous and shallow and tends to be populated with nothing but people ‘talking’ in the hope that someone will listen. Sadly, they mostly don’t have anything interesting to say.
    When you spend all your time communicating with friends over social media, you usually find when you see them in the flesh that you don’t have anything to talk about as they already know everything!

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    The primary issue I have with Snapchat is that it’s still not officially available for Windows 10 Mobile and BlackBerry.
    Social media services should be ubiquitous, regardless of what platform I choose. I use Android, but I prefer that companies respect all the major players, because I’d hate for my choices to only be restricted between two companies.
    Honestly, I find Snapchat to be very overrated. I mostly view snaps when I use the app. I’d rather spend more time doing something useful or fun, as opposed to crafting a short video/slideshow that’ll be forgotten or gone after a day or two.

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    I’m not big on social media to be honest. I quit Facebook about 5 years ago; I honestly thought I’d miss it, but I never looked back.
    I do use Instagram, but very rarely, probably only opening the app once or twice a month. Same goes for Vine & Periscope.
    I’ve never used Tumblr or Pinterest. I’ve never used Snapchat either… should I? I don’t know, I just don’t see the point in it.
    I do however use Twitter, a lot. It’s pretty much my most used app actually. Is there anything Snapchat does that Twitter doesn’t? As fas I can see it’s just about posting temporary pictures, so why don’t companies just do that on Twitter?
    Maybe it’s my age; 31… most Snapchat users seem to be teenagers.

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