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    Should I buy a 4K TN Monitor or a 2K IPS Monitor?

    Honestly, you are not trying to be a competitive FPS gamer, so the small "frame lag" you will get because of IPSisn’t worth not getting it.
    That said, this depends a LOT on the rest of your setup looks like. If you are not touting the capabilities to drive 4K, then don’t waste your money. Some people prefer a 144hz 1440p panel.
    I use 3 1080p panels. All of them are TN. I do zero things that require color accuracy and I’m not a color accuracy guy. I just have simple needs. That said, I game on 1. The only time I use 3 is when I am using VMs and "working" (on things I do for fun…)

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    2K IPS, there are still enough drawbacks in Windows to make 4K a poor tradeoff.
    RPS explains it here:

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