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    Which camera should I buy?

    Budget is important. Lens choice is important. How you shoot video is important. Stretch that budget and get a GH5. Maybe A6300 or 6500?

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    If you can’t afford much, the Panasonic G85 with the included weather-sealed 12-60mm kit lens is a screaming deal at $999.
    Very good 4K video, good AF (though for continous AF in video, not as good as the 80D which is the gold standard), but importantly it has excellent 5-axis in-body image stabilization that makes for very stable video. Also has mic-input and HDMI-out, and a fully-articulated touchscreen which is of course very useful for video as well.
    The FZ2500 is an all-in-one solution with a 1" sensor and a 24-480mm equivalent lens and a ton of incredibly powerful video features (that admittedly are probably more than you need). It’s the step up solution at $1200, but would be a superb vlogging camera for anything except very low-light shooting.
    If ease of use with tracking AF is your top priority though, probably the 80D or A6300 would be your best options (for about the same money), though they are not as feature-rich or usable as the Panasonics in a lot of ways.

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    If you want to go/stick with Canon, what about the Canon 77D? It has the same sensor with a newer processing engine than the 80D, which is a little cleaner at all ISO. Plus, video is still very good. Otherwise I’d second the suggestion of the G85 or A6300.

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    It’s a good point, I’d totally forgot about the 77D. If you want to stay in the Canon universe, that would be the one to pick if you are on a budget and already have a bunch of DSLR lenses.
    The 70D is hard to recommend at this point unless you really, really need a more robust build, given that it costs at least as much (or more) than the 77D which has a significantly improved sensor and newer features.

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