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    What is your favorite social networking site Facebook or Twitter?


    I might suggest using a poll.
    Personally it’s different uses for different people. For my close and not-so-close friends I use Facebook, for online acquaintances I use Twitter. I also use Twitter as an RSS feed and live reporting of major events, whereas Facebook is used for photos and events. I’m in the UK.

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    I like the Under Armor feed. It’s a light social networking platform. Oh and can be fun at times. Some great photography on there.

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    For business purpose I mean for maintaining the business page I use Facebook. But for regular using I just love to use Twitter. I dont like Facebook anymore as a regular social media site.

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    In Germany outside of journalists, "stars", politicians and narcissists nobody uses Twitter (below 1 million users from a 80+million populous). And I quite like Facebook (not the feed, but the rest).

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    Heh. I don’t get it. I dressed my Mii in shiny green underpants, fishnet stockings and pink slippers. That was fun. Now all he does is wander around the lounge room like a dementia patient on speed.

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