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    A few questions to help me pick between the new Surface products.

    Are you absolutely set on the Surface line?
    You could potentially get another brand of 2 N 1 and have your cake and eat it too.

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    I’m leaning towards the Surface line.
    The Surface Pro because the Pen integration can’t really be compared to other PC 2 in 1s. The Pen is a big factor with me if I’m going for a 2in1. The Laptop because the build and design is something I really appreciate as with my old MBP.
    Might be a bit biased though. Have had bad experiences in the past with the standard PC manufacturers. HP and Lenovo have particularly been bad for me. Could have a look at other manufacturers now that you pointed it out.

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    The pen that came with my work HP 10122 is virtually the same in usage as the SP4 pen, similar changeable tips etc

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