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    Camera List.

    If your sister already has a decent cell phone, you aren’t going to find any cameras in the ~$200 range that will produce better image quality than what she already has.
    However, the big advantage that you will get from a dedicated camera is zoom, usability (like ergonomics) and special features like water-proofness / shock-proofness.
    For what it’s worth, the only dedicated cameras that I would ever recommend for someone in the $200 price range are waterproof "tough" cameras. The image quality out of them is not great, but you never ever need to worry about them, you can use them for hiking, for scuba, for whatever, and they’re really flexible.
    My personal recommendation in that category is the Olympus TG-850 or 860. The current model is the TG-870, but you probably won’t find it for the price you want unless it’s a reconditioned one, like this one from
    The reason I recommend this one is because it has an ultra-wide angle lens that goes from 21-105mm, so you can get shots that you cannot possibly get with a phone camera. The other reason is that it has a tilting screen that goes up to 180 degrees facing forward, so you can take selfies with it. That, combined with the ultrawide lens makes for really fun photos.
    However, we’re kind of outdoorsy people, so a tough camera like that may not appeal if your sister is not like that.
    For more general camera stuff, check out this list from the Wirecutter.
    If you can go upmarket with used or refurbished models, definitely see if you can get a camera with a 1" sensor, like a Sony RX100 or Canon G9X. But those are usually $400-450 sold new, so well out of your price range. They will, however, give you much better image quality than a smartphone.

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    I always find the Wirecutter "cuts" (yes, i know chessy) through the crap and gets right to the point in their recommendations.

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    At the $200 price point, what camera to buy depends entirely on what kind of smartphone she has. A high end smartphone with a good camera will narrow the buying options considerably to just niche cameras. The reason is because most $200 cameras have 1/3" image sensors which are quite small. For reference, the iPhone has a camera sensor that small as well but makes up for it with a wider aperture and a much more sophisticated auto mode. You can look at Bridge cameras as they have significantly more zoom than a compact camera and they may have larger sensors. Bridge Cameras tend to look like a DSLR but with a fixed lens. They are usually good options for beginner photographers.
    If you want to buy a compact check out this:
    And this:
    Hope it helps.

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    Actually, that second link really helped. I think I’m going to get the one on the top. I owe you one, stranger on the internet!

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    That Canon PowerShot SX410 IS actually looks like a great choice. Its futile to go for small size cameras in this range because smartphones can already outdo most of them. Going for something a little larger means you will have access to greater zoom and slightly larger sensors.

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