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    Pokemon go overkill.

    I’m loving it.
    The idea of grown adults wandering around towns and cities looking for Pokemon is just so incredibly funny to me*. What a time to be alive.
    *I don’t mean that in an insulting way! It sounds fun.

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    I love the idea. My beef isn’t with the game, it’s with the reporting of it, with news sites and tech blogs having seemingly orgasmed out dozens of articles on it overnight. (Even my local paper is going Gaga over it)
    When I post on a tech blog about system administrator stuff, I don’t expect the top 5 comments to be Pokemon go memes and jokes.
    Reddit for example is a ridiculous love fest right now, where you can’t go into a single popular subreddit without constant derailment. I was on a Doctor who subreddit yesterday talking about in world lore, and the top 5 posts were Pokemon go memes.
    The verge currently has 10 articles on the front page alone.

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    It’s like they’re being paid to report it.

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    It is a pretty big phenomenon. Most things like this warrant a lot of coverage.

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