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    Weekly Critique Thread: December 12 - December 18

    Olympus OM-10 – 50mm – f1.8 – Probably ASA 400 Kodak B&W Film
    This is from a game of dodgeball at my school a few years ago. Covering sports with a film camera in the digital age is… Very interesting. I don’t have nearly the same freedom as others, but I was still able to capture a few moments from the game. This is definitely one of the situations where digital trumps film for most cases IMO.

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    Looks like your school takes dodgeball a bit more seriously. Did you get any action shots?
    Is there a particular reason why you still shoot 35mm film? Since I never really shot film (other than disposable cameras), I never really understood why people still use them. If it’s a different size of film, like 67, then I kind of understand as there’s really no digital equivalent for the masses.

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    That was the first SLR camera I owned and I used it a lot regularly until I accidentally dropped it in a river on a hiking trip. I liked to shoot film even when I had a digital camera mostly because I had to slow down and think through my choices and process, it was a good way to keep developing my form and style of photography.
    I have a few other film cameras, but finding film isn’t easy where I live now. My most recent chance was when visiting my girlfriend in NYC and I did a little medium format photography. I still love that "film look" even though it can be recreated digitally fairly easily with software nowadays.

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    Cool, thanks for sharing!
    Great story to share. I think the film look helps a lot with this. Nice composition too.
    It’s a bit like planets with the rings on the court and the dodgeballs in a line.

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