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    How do I convince my parents to let me play more mature games?

    I'm 15 and my parents are still very strongly against me playing games with any appreciable amount of violence or mature content. Most of the games I play on Steam aren't really that violent at all (I play games like Unturned, Portal and Don't Starve which only really have cartoon violence that's not that excessive at all) but once recently when I was trying to play Team Fortress 2 (hardly one of the most violent games out there) my parents wouldn't let me play it because it was "violent".
    I don't think they think games will make me violent but I would be unsurprised if they believed the studies trying to relate games to aggression.
    They said that it would "affect my character development" which probably means something along the lines of inadvertently placing violent thoughts into my mind.
    They also think it's "unhealthy" to play any games with violence.
    Games that are rated 18+ (in the UK - basically the same as M17+) are played by lots of people far younger than 18 and it's not as though I am 7 so I don't need to be "protected".
    How do I convince my parents that mature games are fine and won't have any negative effect on me?

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    I would likely support them in that choice so i guess I cant help

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    I mean, the rating system is there for a reason. There are plenty of games that you can enjoy that are rated T.

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    R rated games are for 18+ for a reason, you are still a child, I would say start by taking of the Green Lantern pyjamas, getting out of the basement and getting a job and showing you are responsible enough to handle adult rated games, your mind is still developing and is like a highly impressionable sponge and not ready for adult content. You could become damaged by the adult themed games, so stick to Mario cart and Cake Princess for a little longer

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    telling a child to take off their pyjamas... very inappropriate. better inform the mods about this. reported

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