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    Why do so many care so deeply about the NSA?

    Luckily, this post won’t create too much negativity towards you because no one really cares about your opinion or anyone else’s opinion, but you are missing out on the age old argument of security vs privacy/liberty. This has been a major debate since 9/11. I won’t even get into it, because you are obviously young, naive, apathetic, or a less flattering option. So I’ll just leave you with that.
    PS: *sheer, not shear.

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    Thank you so very much ranhalt for that, deep detailed look into my life /s
    I’d be great if you had nothing nice to share, then don’t share anything at all. Cheers.
    I do care about other people’s opinions hence why I asked this question.

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    Because “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. When any entity wields so much power, it will ALWAYS be used for bad things, eventually. And the way they sell it to you is by claiming it will keep you “safe”, without ever explaining exactly how it will do so or providing proof that it actually did. The buzzword of the past decade is “terrorism”, but in previous decades it was “communism”, etc…
    It has already been revealed that the NSA has worked with the DEA to not only provide information, but to teach the DEA how to conceal the source of the information. This strikes at the very core of American values — the right to confront your accuser. How can you do that if they are conjuring evidence from some secret source?
    Ok, so you think that’s a fine use, because it’s all about catching criminals. So what about trying to score on a date? It has also been revealed that multiple NSA agents have used their system to spy on potential love interests and/or their husbands/wives. It’s so common they even have a name for it, LOVEINT.
    Any system that gives the government such power will eventually be used against its people. We are now finding out that government agencies have been spying on political action groups (have been for years, really). This is the same kind of thing that dictators in far off countries do to keep themselves in power. It only takes a few people with access to tools like this to bring down the whole government, and it would happen before anyone would know what’s going on.
    Don’t think that would ever happen? Just look at what’s going on right now in the government: a very outspoken minority are willing to literally shut down the government and possibly destroy the entire world economy because they don’t like a law that has been accepted and affirmed as legal and the will of the people at least 50 times over (ACA).
    A tool that gives so much power relies only on the morals of those wielding it to decide if it is used for good or evil. History has shown us time and again that (as have scientific studies) those in power will succumb to the temptations that such power brings, because it is that power itself that is the corrupting force. Even if you agree with the morals of those wielding the power right now, can you be so sure of those who come next?

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    It’s nice to think of the Government only using this NSA data for saving us from terrorists. But that is not always the case, and there are those with the power to take that information and use it for nefarious means.

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