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    Sleeping Dogs is one of the most deserving games that needed a true sequel

    Sleeping Dogs came out about 6 years ago and it was a breath of fresh air to the open world genre. This game had almost no flaws the setting, combat, music and characters where all well done. It was a great way to start a new IP but unfortunately Square never gave the devs a second chance they wanted better sells and the second game was cancelled.To me this is one of the biggest losses in the open world game genre ever in my opinion. Sleeping Dogs had quality that Watchdogs and Saints Row couldn't match it's not the level of GTA but it's right behind them.It's a shame we will probably never get true sequel since the devs United Front games are no more. So what do you guys think about Sleeping Dogs? do you feel the series got screwed over by Square like I feel?

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    Bought it long ago...never played it. It's too old to consider playing it now.

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    Why do you say that, if I may ask?
    It has aged pretty well; I haven't played it recently, but I definitely played it in a post-GTAV world and felt it stood the test of time. Melee combat is fun, and the driving mechanics are solid. There's a really good Hong Kong organized crime/police story in there as well that rolls out nicely.

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    Sleeping Dogs is a criminally underappreciated game, and I would love a sequel. But highly doubt it will ever happen.

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    why wont a sequel happen? if it is universally acclaimed, i am sure someone will pick up the sequel eventually

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