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    Which should one get first to go with a 1080ti/Titan X card? 4K...

    I would wait for better 4K Displays that come with G-Sync and 120 hz. Or more, especially if you’re going for the future 1080ti.

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    I would get a Vive; the monitor market is perpetually disastrous and it’s still not even clear if the new Titan X will be a viable 4K card alone.

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    34401440 @ 144.
    Just as soon as I pay for a hundred more important things.

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    TBH none of them.
    Oculus/Vive are glorified tech demos at this point.
    A 34" ultrawide 1440p is probably the best gaming monitor right now.
    A Kuro is still a great TV. And a year from now there might be new games that not even the new Titan can run at 4k.

    I’d just stick the money into your Future Impulse Purchases fund.

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