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    Bitpets and other Crypto Collectible Games

    What is Bitpet?
    Bitpet is the name for the lovable digital rabbits that can be bred, trained, and collected. Own a Bitpet and it will be recorded on the Blockchain. Therefore, the record cannot be lost or duplicated, and everyone can see it.
    Latest Technology in Bitpet?
    Bitpet is a game service based on Blockchain Technology of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can buy, sell, and trade Bitpet just like any ordinary collection.
    Generate a new Digital Rabbit now !!!
    With different kinds of Digital Rabbits to add to your collection, each one different from the rest. Get 2 awesome rabbits, then fuse them together to get an even better one. Get the rabbit the suits your style and personality, with traits and attributes for your benefits.
    For more information, please visit the following links:

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    Did you know that not only can you Breed, Grow, and Auction your Bitpets but you can actually get to Play with them, and have them Compete with other Bitpets to win POP currency

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    Bitpet will be performing a system upgrade starting at 2018/3/9 05:00 AM (UTC). This is a major upgrade and will take approximately a few hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience

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    Bitpet will release more Digital Rabbits designs for you to enjoy
    Who knows, the next design that you draw could be a "pirate king"

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    Bitpet exchange has closed leaving Bitpet investors in the dark about the future of the company. Rumors abound that Bitpet CEO Kurt Kumru has fled the country with hundred of millions in investor money. More on this story as it becomes available.

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